Nonlinear Elastic and Inelastic Models for Shock Compression of Crystalline Solids

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This book describes thermoelastic and inelastic deformation processes in crystalline solids undergoing loading by shock compression. Constitutive models with a basis in geometrically nonlinear continuum mechanics supply these descriptions. Large deformations such as finite strains and rotations, are addressed. The book covers dominant mechanisms of nonlinear thermoelasticity, dislocation plasticity, deformation twinning, fracture, flow, and other structure changes. Rigorous derivations of theoretical results are provided, with approximately 1300 numbered equations and an extensive bibliography of over 500 historical and modern references spanning from the 1920s to the present day. Case studies contain property data, as well as analytical, and numerical solutions to shock compression problems for different materials. Such materials are metals, ceramics, and minerals, single crystalline and polycrystalline. The intended audience of this book is practicing scientists (physicists, engineers, materials scientists, and applied mathematicians) involved in advanced research on shock compression of solid materials.

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