Friends with Benefits: Through Tony's Eyes

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He had the dream man of half the female population of this godforsaken planet pinching his left nipple. Everything else became blurry in his mind as he gave in to the sensation and moaned loudly. The fleeting pain turned him on even more. He wasn't one to chicken out when it came to pain as pleasure... Tony and Jack have been best friends for the past twenty-five years. Having shared a stage for most of their adult lives, they're as close as it gets. Much closer than anyone could ever imagine. Tony loves women, but nobody has ever been able to turn him on in the way that Jack can. And nobody has ever felt quite as good as Jack does. Tony knows Jack like that back of his hand, therefore he can sense that something is playing on his mind. But it's time to stop overthinking. And Tony knows just the trick to get his mind off things. This is Tony's side of the story...

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