Andrew G. Lee

  • This book focuses on the  circumstances  that lead to the marked increased
    vulnerability of seniors and are most challenging to clinicians including the
    presence of multiple chronic medical conditions, variable losses of
    physiological function, and heterogeneity among individuals.  Written by
    the experts who lead the initiative to deliver high quality surgical and
    medical care to the elderly, Geriatrics
    for Specialists is the first book of its kind to provide the comprehensive knowledge
    specialists and associated generalists need to deliver quality health care to
    seniors.   With topics on important cross cutting issues like frailty,
    delirium and polypharmacy and specialty chapters on emergency medicine,
    anesthesia, many surgical and medical disciplines and  rehabilitation,  this book provides clinicians  the knowledge and tools needed to evaluate,
    treat and manage the unique needs of seniors.


    Geriatrics for Specialists was created as a resource for  specialist, generalists and allied health
    professionals and their students and trainees  who care for elderly patients.

  • As the Baby Boom generation ages, an increased need for geriatric specialty care becomes particularly important. This shift will especially affect ophthalmology, as the occurrence of common visual disorders such as cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy increases with age. This book anticipates this pending and inevitable demographic shift and fulfills the need for a practical, "bread-and-butter" approach to Geriatric Ophthalmology.

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