• The Almería Province of SE Spain, a semi-arid, tectonically active region, is the focus of a wide range of scientific teaching and research in the earth sciences by universities and associated bodies from around the world. This field guide provides an up-to-date and integrated approach to the geology and geomorphology of Almería Province, compiled by active scientific researchers in the region. The guide assumes a basic knowledge of geology and geomorphology and will be of interest to earth scientists at all levels from the keen amateur through to undergraduate/postgraduate students and academics visiting the region. The guide provides general background on the area, followed by a selection of specialized trips that progressively explore the structure and development of the basins, the shallow marine sedimentation, the continental sedimentation and finally the uplift, dissection and geomorphic evolution of the sedimentary basins. This is the first widely published field guide on the Almería Province and it is unique in both its coverage and integrated earth science approach, providing valuable support for both teaching and research in the region.
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