Crispin Thurlow

  • This book offers students a task-based introduction to Computer-Mediated Communication and the impact of the internet on social interaction. Divided into four parts which require students to learn, (theory), critique, (current issues), explore, (methods), and reflect, (practice), the book aims to:

    Provide a foundation to the social and communicative nature of information and communication technologies
    Enable students to engage with the key theoretical issues associated with CMC
    Equip students with the necessary research and technical skills as a stimulus to independent enquiry.

    In spite of the rapidly increasing interest in Internet Studies and CMC and the introduction of many university courses in the area, no specialised, introductory textbook exists. This coursebook responds to the need for such a text. Aimed primarily at communication students, this book would also be useful as a sourcebook for students of media, sociology, psychology and English Language Studies.
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