Eloïse Brezault

  • Dix-huit romanciers déclinent le multiple visage de l'Afrique.
    Cette Afrique dont on discerne les contours dans l'intimité de sa littérature pour aller droit au coeur des mythes, des histoires coloniale et postcoloniale, des guerres, des génocides, des exils.
    Perce également, en contrepoint des clichés ordinaires, l'implacable beauté des êtres et des choses : ces mots, ces paroles qui rendent conte...

  • This volume examines the ways that writers from the Caribbean, Africa, and the U.S. theorize and employ postcolonial memory in ways that expose or challenge colonial narratives of the past, and shows how memory assumes particular forms and values in post/colonial contexts in twenty and twenty-first-century works. The problem of contested memory and colonial history continues to be an urgent and timely issue, as colonial history has served to crush, erase and manipulate collective and individual memories. Indeed, the most powerful mechanism of colonial discourse is that which alters and silences local histories and even individuals' memories in service to colonial authority. Johnson and Brezault work to contextualize the politics of writing memory in the shadow of colonial history, creating a collection that pioneers a postcolonial turn in cultural memory studies suitable for scholars interested in cultural memory, postcolonial, Francophone and ethnic studies.
    Includes a foreword by Marianne Hirsch.