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  • This book reviews the general acute effects and adaptations
    of small-sided and conditioned games (SSCGs) in terms of physiological
    responses, technical performance and methodology/periodization in the game of
    soccer. It also reviews the many studies conducted in the past decade to
    investigate the influence of SSCGs on physiological responses and technical
    performance in soccer training. SSCGs, which are smaller and adapted versions
    of formal team sports, are very popular training drills for players at all ability
    levels and competitive levels and offer an alternative to traditional fitness
    training. Exploring their role in depth, this book offers a valuable resource
    for academics, researchers and coaches with an interest in developing improved
    training techniques for soccer.

  • Explaining how graph theory and social network analysis can be applied to team sports analysis, This book presents useful approaches, models and methods that can be used to characterise the overall properties of team networks and identify the prominence of each team player. Exploring the different possible network metrics that can be utilised in sports analysis, their possible applications and variances from situation to situation, the respective chapters present an array of illustrative case studies. Identifying the general concepts of social network analysis and network centrality metrics, readers are shown how to generate a methodological protocol for data collection. As such, the book provides a valuable resource for students of the sport sciences, sports engineering, applied computation and the social sciences.