Géraldine Pflieger

  • La maîtrise des sources, le pompage des lacs et rivières ou l'élargissement de la distribution relèvent d'un pan méconnu de l'histoire de la Suisse et de ses villes. Les municipalités, pour créer leur réseau d'eau, l'étendre et s'assurer des reven

  • This book examines the issues at stake in transboundary water governance, it spotlights the Rhône River, a biophysical entity of enormous historical, political and economic importance. The Rhône has long been viewed essentially as a tool for energy production, heavily canalized and exploited by a series of dams and nuclear power plants - with the result that those who live along this great river have simply turned away. 
    Basing their work on a detailed analysis of the history and the current management of the Rhône, the authors explore the challenges linked with transboundary river basin governance including relevant international water law, appropriation of river and river resources by Nation States. Finally, they discuss a diverse range of institutional architectures and outlines several solutions that might cope with the growing complexity of transboundary management of a major river. The book will be of interest to scholars in fields such as environment studies, water policy and Natural Resource Management, it also has relevance to water managers and entrepreneurs concerned with staying abreast of developments in water policy and governance.