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  • Dans la pénombre, six êtres fulgurants racontent le monde. Les histoires dérisoires et les visions de tous les jours résonnent comme des éclairs polyphoniques. De temps en temps, l'un d'eux se détache et s'embrase dans un éclat lumineux : il parle maintenant de nos vérités essentielles : la naissance, la mort, le temps qui passe.

  • Known as "a dream place for scientists" the Lamto savannas, located on the edge of the Cote d'Ivoire rain forests, are some of the only savannas in the world where ongoing ecological research has endured for over forty years. Drawing from and synthesizing this abundance of research, the book examines the structure, function, and dynamics of the Lamto humid savanna. Beginning with the history of the Lamto ecology station, proceeding on to an overview of the major enivronmental conditions of the site, and specifically examining the integrative view of energy and nutrient fluxes relative to the dynamics of the region's vegetation, this exacting work is as unique and treasured as Lamto itself.