Kate Walker

  • In the hopes of paying off her father's debt, Felicity agrees to marry the son of a wealthy family. On the day of the proposed wedding, she leaves home with a heavy heart...until she is met by the handsome limousine driver. Just as she finds herself lost in his sultry gaze, reality comes crashing down on her when the driver speeds off in the opposite direction of the church! Confused and alarmed, Felicity is suddenly transfixed by the driver's gleaming, dark eyes and the mysterious threat: "You're not getting away from me." Her kidnapping sparks the beginning of a plot for revenge!

  • La duchesse Ria, du royaume de Mecjoria, est envoyée comme émissaire à Londres. Elle doit aller y chercher son ami d'enfance, Alexei, banni dix ans auparavant, pour en faire le nouveau roi. Mais, lui qui connaît le succès des affaires dans ce lointain pays, refuse froidement son offre. Après tout, c'est le propre père de Ria qui le bannit à l'époque. Mais une bonne raison la pousse à agir. Si Alexei ne devient pas roi, elle devra faire un mariage politique avec le détestable Ivan. Un futur des plus misérables l'attend !

  • After hearing that her brother is in jail, Abbie isdevastated. She discovers that her father has gone to meet a sheikh to try to make a deal for her brother...and ends up offering the royal her hand in marriage! At the same time, Abbie finds herself falling for the sheikh's brother, Malik...who initially mistakes her for the family maid!How will they handle their strong yearning for one another now that Abbie is to be engaged to Malik's brother?

  • "Is your new lover keeping you prisoner out here in the sticks?" Ellie is dumbstruck when confronted with the cold words of her ex-boyfriend, his eyes full of scorn. It's been over a year since she left him in an attempt to flee. These days Morgan Stafford is a successful writer with millions-and his name is plastered throughout the tabloids every week with rumors of a new celebrity scandal. The only thing tainting his otherwise perfect good looks is deep-seated anger from having his pride shattered. Morgan believes Ellie left him for another man. Little does he know the real reason concerns him more than he can comprehend. And it's a secret Ellie must keep from him at all cost.

  • Aromatherapist Sienna is having the worst year of her life. She lost her job, was betrayed by her lover and her mother is suffering from illness. To top it all off, she receives an eviction notice from her apartment complex. But all of her problems could be solved if she obtains the inheritance left to her by her late father. There is but one condition: she must be happily married. Sienna asks a recent acquaintance, Keir, who needs money to save his company, to be her "hired husband." Surprisingly, he agrees, but has one condition-that for the duration of their contract, their marriage is the real thing!

  • Kat's husband, the late Earl of the Grange, left her with a very large amount of debt when he suddenly passed away. She's on the brink of losing everything; her family, her mansion, and her beloved home, High Farm. As this is happening, an unexpected visitor comes to pay a visit to Kat. A man named Heath, who also happens to be Kat's long, lost adopted brother! When they were young, they were secretly in love with each another but, Heath was discriminated by her jealous brother, Joseph, and the villagers because of his "gypsy" features. He left High Farm and was never seen again...Until 10 years later, when Heath has transformed into a successful, business owner and comes back to seek revenge against the people who had wronged him before...particularly Kat and her family!