Michael C. Smith

  • Presents the foundational systemic thinking needed to conceive systems that address complex socio-technical problems This book emphasizes the underlying systems analysis components and associated thought processes. The authors describe an approach that is appropriate for complex systems in diverse disciplines complemented by a case-based pedagogy for teaching systems analysis that includes numerous cases that can be used to teach both the art and methods of systems analysis.  Covers the six major phases of systems analysis, as well as goal development, the index of performance, evaluating candidate solutions, managing systems teams, project management, and more Presents the core concepts of a general systems analysis methodology Introduces, motivates, and illustrates the case pedagogy as a means of teaching and practicing systems analysis concepts Provides numerous cases that challenge readers to practice systems thinking and the systems methodology How to Do Systems Analysis: Primer and Casebook is a reference for professionals in all fields that need systems analysis, such as telecommunications, transportation, business consulting, financial services, and healthcare. This book also serves as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in systems analysis courses in business schools, engineering schools, policy programs, and any course that promotes systems thinking.

  • Written by leading teledermatologists and telemedicine experts, this hands-on guide addresses the practical needs of the many emerging teledermatology services worldwide. It covers the medical and technical prerequisites for such services as well as the photographic imaging essentials. It also illustrates the performance of teledermatology by means of clinical examples, discusses teledermatology in underdeveloped countries, and presents specialized methods of teledermatology. The impact of telemedicine on the doctor-patient relationship is explored, and the advantages that accrue from improving access to expert knowledge are explained. In addition, quality assurance, legal assumptions, economic aspects, and the future horizons of such health care services are all considered. A comprehensive appendix provides information on training opportunities, sample protocols, consent forms, information sheets, references, and relevant web links.

  • Building on the success of Java Pitfalls (0-471-36174-7), this book provides more specific programming solutions to fifty difficult Java programming problems Shows experienced programmers how to identify and avoid weaknesses in Java and related J2EE technologies that can cause programs to go haywire Explores advanced topics including networking, XML and Java programming, and the Java Virtual Machine

  • The European Union's Strategic Partnerships Nouv.

    This book provides a critical and updated analysis of the nature of the EU's strategic partnership diplomacy, and of the partnerships themselves, in times of power shift and contestation. It links with key aspects of the EU's Global Strategy; it brings together a strong list of experts who work within a clear framework for analysis; and it deals not only with the substance of the policy but also with the ways in which the policy as a whole has emerged, is conducted and might develop in the future. In offering an inclusive set of case studies and diverse perspectives, this book aims to advance both conceptualization and analysis of the implementation of the established EU partnerships. The book highlights the notion of strategic partnership as a foreign policy instrument to support EU external action in a context of multilevel change and crisis; its policy dimension as a gradually separated, but not separable policy within the Union's external action; the institutional component given the emergence of SPs as a sort of self-preserving institutional platform allowing for denser and deeper cooperation in various policy areas; and the implications for the EU's self-conception as an international actor with a global identity and role.

  • Et si on vous offrait cinq minutes à partager avec votre amour mort... à condition d'accepter de combattre des forces infernales ? Straczynski nous dévoile un récit à la croisée du mythe d'Orphée et de L'Enfer de Dante.Ce qui débuta comme la quête d'un homme seul devient désormais une bataille entre les forces du Bien et du Mal, qui pourrait ébranler les fondations du Paradis lui-même... selon la voie que retiendra Joe. Choisira- t-il l'amour en laissant brûler le monde ?