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  • Ce dictionnaire réunit, définit et fournit la traduction anglais/français de l'ensemble des termes scientifiques, techniques et généraux les plus utilisés dans les divers domaines des sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers : géologie minière et pétrolière, climatologie, océanographie, géophysique, géomorphologie, hydrogéologie, pédologie, hydrogéologie, sciences de l'environnement... Cette nouvelle édition, entièrement révisée et augmentée, comprend plus de 15 000 termes anglais et plus de 9 000 termes français. En début d'ouvrage, des conseils sont destinés aux lecteurs désirant traduire un article ou rédiger un rapport en anglais.

  • Discover the various scientific debates that Mario Telò has been involved.
    This edited volume, which has been drafted in honour of Professor Telò's research career, offers the reader an overview of the various scientific debates that he has been involved in throughout his distinguished career. The aim was to highlight, contextualise and build on his most innovative contributions to each of these debates.
    This book revolves around four thematic areas, each of which brings together a number of contributions that offer timely reflections on a given question or challenge covered by Professor Telò's research.
    We wanted to have a personality of international calibre, espousing different political systems across the world. But we also wanted to bring a good teacher into the fold filling students with enthusiasm, able to lead them to develop their study projects, to establish their vocation as researchers and even to train personalities active in every day life, in fact to promote a European conscientiousness.
    We know that Mario Telò has perfectly fulfilled these many wishes, in particular through his commitments towards his colleagues as well as his very active role as member and President of the Institut d'études européennes - Institute of European Studies (IEE-ULB), but also through the support that he has given numerous researchers who have completed brilliant doctoral theses under his supervision.
    It is difficult to pay him tribute, however, as Mario Telò has engaged in and still engages in multiple and international academic activities. We have lost count of the number of foreign invitations that have been extended to him as well as his numerous speeches to defend and to explain the need for a European area.
    Mario Telò knows better than anyone that European values still need to be defended, that European studies cover several aspects, not just the political integration process in Europe but also the analysis of the behaviour of actors, decision-makers and citizens.
    We know that the `EU acquis' is often temporary and several times the work has to be redone, as the difficulties of functioning with twenty-eight member states, and soon to be twenty-seven member states, show. The European Union does not always respond to the democratic deficit, the political integration approach needs to show the usefulness and expected benefits of European cooperation essential to its existence in a very tense global context.
    The energy of Mario Telò, his creativity, his international engagement, his academic openness will always be essential to the ULB. A member of the Académie Royale de Belgique [Royal Academy of Belgium], in the Classe des Lettres et des Sciences morales et politiques [section of letters and moral and political sciences], Mario Telò will always find the opportunity to express his analyses and proposals to get through the currently very troubled time of Europe's and the world's evolution.

  • En pleine congruence avec l´ambition du Groupe Européen pour l´Administration Publique d´encourager les échanges interculturels, ce livre constitue une entreprise originale, mi-anglophone mi-francophone.
    Cet ouvrage issu du Congrès du GEAP 2010 a pour objet de combler un déplorable fossé et de donner une visibilité internationale au « cas français ».
    Dès lors ce livre, en 18 chapitres rédigés en français par une équipe interdisciplinaire (politistes, sociologues, historiens, socio-historiens, juristes) avec plus de 150 pages en anglais et une vaste bibliographie unifiée, entend offrir à tous les spécialistes de l´administration publique de par le monde un point d´accès unique au plus récent état des savoirs sur l´administration en France - ce pays où le mot État s´écrit avec un E majuscule. ============================================ In full compliance with the ambition of the European Group for Public Administration to encourage cross-cultural exchanges, this book is a genuinely original undertaking. It is a hybrid Anglophone-Francophone product. This book from EGPA 2010 Conference purpose to bridge a regrettable gap and to give international visibility to the "French case".
    Thus, this book, in 18 chapters written in French by an interdisciplinary team (political scientists, sociologists, historians, sociohistorians, jurists) with more than 150 pages in English and a vast unified bibliography, offers to all students of public administration in the world a unique entry gate to the latest state of the art of administrative studies in France - this country where the State is to be spelled with a capital S.

  • In 2035, a strange space capsule has crashed in the Indian Ocean with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin! Who, then, are the men who came back from the 1969 Apollo XI mission?In the second instalment of the science-fiction trilogy, Helen Friedman sets off for the Moon to look for answers. Due to a Russian message, the mission ends up on Mars. Meanwhile, on planet Earth, Sofia, her daughter is disappointed by her mother's choices. She decides to run away from home. The "Chimpanzee complex"...when you are a test subject in an experiment over which you have no control.

  • France's leading nutritionist Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen pinpoints why you struglle with other weight-loss diets and shows how to achieve your ideal weight while embracing life's pleasures.

    The Parisian Diet is a progressive weight-loss plan that keeps you motivated through the Café, Bistro, and Gourmet phases until you reach your ideal weight. Strongly opposed to "extreme" diets and the inevitable weight gain that ensues, Dr. Cohen proposes a sensible
    and holistic approach that addresses the physical, psychological, and cultural factors that impact our ability to control our relationship with food. His method encourages a global change in attitude towards what we eat. Based on habits and food choices typical of the Parisian lifestyle, the simple, delicious, and satisfying menus emphasize the use of fresh
    ingredients and a balanced intake throughout the day. The Parisian Diet is not a fl ashin- the pan fad, it's a new approach to food and a way to celebrate life, helping you look and feel your best.