• Seuchen, alte und neue Gefahren Nouv.

    In diesem essential werden historische, biologische und epidemiologische Aspekte von Seuchen beschrieben. Infektionskrankheiten haben seit dem Altertum verheerende Auswirkungen auf die Menschheit. Nachdem viele dieser Gefahren aufgrund einer verbesserten Hygiene und der Verfügbarkeit von Antibiotika und Impfstoffen zum Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts in Vergessenheit gerieten, erleben Infektionskrankheiten aktuell eine Rückkehr. Es werden Seuchen von der Pest bis hin zu COVID-19 vorgestellt.

  • This book introduces the reader to the latest innovations in fields such as artificial intelligence, systems biology or surgery, and gives advice on what new technologies to consider for becoming a market leader of tomorrow. Companies generally acquire information on these fields from various sources such as market reports, scientific literature or conference events, but find it difficult to distinguish between mere hype and truly valuable innovations. This book offers essential guidance in the form of structured and authoritative contributions by experts in innovative technologies spanning from biology and medicine to augmented reality and smart power grids. The authors identify high-potential fields and demonstrate the impact of their technologies to create economic value in real-world applications. They also offer business leaders advice on whether and how to implement these new technologies and innovations in their companies or businesses.
    Chapter 13 Analytic Philosophy for Biomedical Research: The Imperative of Applying Yesterday's Timeless Messages to Today's Impasses by Sepehr Ehsani is available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via link.springer.com.

  • Successful negotiation requires understanding your counterpart's culture, their feelings, habits and values. When planning to do business with suppliers and other partners in Asia, thorough preparation is essential in order to avoid misunderstandings, confrontations and disappointments, and to ensure the mutually desired success. This book offers a comprehensive guide to communication, argumentation, and negotiation by demonstrating success pathways with a focus on specific types of negotiator or negotiation partner from the different regions of the Asian continent. Readers will learn to negotiate the Chinese, the Indian and the Japanese way, and come to understand how Asians approach negotiations. Written by a truly international author, both academic and practitioner, with extensive experience in both Eastern and Western cultures, this book offers a valuable resource for anyone who relies on successfully negotiating with Asian partners.  

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  • Operations Research and Simulation in Healthcare Nouv.

    This book presents work on healthcare management and engineering using optimization and simulation methods and techniques. Specific topics covered in the contributed chapters include discrete-event simulation, patient admission scheduling, simulation-based emergency department control systems, patient transportation, cost function networks, hospital bed management, and operating theater scheduling. The content will be valuable for researchers and postgraduate students in computer science, information technology, industrial engineering, and applied mathematics.

  • This book presents human-centered concepts and solutions for mobility, logistics and infrastructure that will make our growing metropolitan areas more livable and sustainable.The still accelerating megatrend of urbanization is leading to constantly growing metropolitan areas. This creates a whole series of challenges for municipalities, as well as citizens, such as overcrowded traffic routes, limited building space and an increasingly difficult supply situation. With this book we want to answer the following question: How can people live in densely populated areas and meet their needs in terms of mobility, freedom, self-determination, security, prosperity, communication or in other words: how can metropolitan regions be made humane? The answer to this question requires innovative ideas and approaches in various areas:Sustainable designs of infrastructureEconomically and ecologically efficient logistics and mobility approachesIntelligent applications for navigation and communication
    All these ideas must be measured against the needs of citizens and should thus be developed following a human-centered design approach. This ensures that innovative solutions will be widely accepted by the public. In addition, they also have the potential to turn citizens into active co-designers of future metropolitan areas.

  • Sensors and Instrumentation, Aircraft/Aerospace and Energy Harvesting, Volume 7:  Proceedings of the 38th IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics, 2020, the seventh volume of eight from the Conference brings together contributions to this important area of research and engineering. The collection presents early findings and case studies on fundamental and applied aspects of Shock & Vibration, Aircraft/Aerospace, Energy Harvesting & Dynamic Environments Testing including papers on:Alternative Sensing & Acquisition
    Active Controls
    Aircraft/Aerospace & Aerospace Testing Techniques 
    Energy Harvesting

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  • This updated edition provides clinicians from various backgrounds and levels of training the information needed to optimally diagnose and manage neurologic complications of the nervous system.  Organized into seven sections, this comprehensive volume begins with an overview of diagnostic studies for neurologic complications involving the nervous system.  That is followed by sections on metastatic and non-metastatic complications of cancer involving the nervous system, and the interpretation, diagnosis, and management of common neuro-oncologic symptoms.  The next section reviews the neurologic complications of cancer therapy, including corticosteroids, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted molecular therapies, immunotherapies, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, and infections involving the nervous system.  The final section focuses on the most important neurologic complications in cancers arising from specific organs.  In addition to capturing the latest advancements in the rapidly evolving fields of oncology and cancer neurology, the goal of this resource is to lead clinicians toward prompt diagnosis and intervention in order to improve patient quality of life. "This textbook is a valuable resource for medical oncologists and radiation oncologists, as well as neurologists and neuro-oncologists dealing with these patients. ... Overall, the chapters are well organized, clearly written, fairly balanced, and reasonably up to date. ... I would recommend it as a learning tool to physicians in training (medical students, residents, and fellows) and for more experienced physicians as both a review/ update and a way to gain more in-depth knowledge and insight into the neurologic problems of cancer patients." (John C. Flickinger, International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, Vol. 73 (2), 2009) "The general organization of the book is logical and facilitates its practical and everyday use. ... Overall this textbook is very comprehensive and encompasses main neuro-oncological challenges. ... Schiff, Kesari and Wen have edited a very elegant and highly practical textbook, written by recognized authorities in their respective fields, which will be used by a wide range of medical and surgical specialists who are confronted on a daily basis with neurological manifestations of cancer in their practice." (I. Radovanovic and G. Zadeh, British Journal of Cancer, Vol. 100 (6), 2009)

  • This book makes an original contribution to the fields of sociolinguistics, language planning policy and Chinese language studies. It examines the effectiveness of the Singapore's Speak Mandarin Campaign in changing the language use of dialect speakers towards Mandarin.Singapore may be only "a small red dot" and barely visible on the world's map. However, its complex and dynamic linguistic diversity and its quadrilingual educational system make it a unique and fascinating research site for examining deliberate language planning on the part of governmental authorities. 2017 marks the 38th anniversary of the Speak Mandarin Campaign, a focused language-planning policy aimed at changing the deeply entrenched sociolinguistic habits of Chinese Singaporeans who are used to speaking Chinese dialects.  This book provides a revealing update on dialect speakers' attitudes towards the campaign by including discussions and other related issues such as the recent call for the revitalisation of Chinese dialects by younger dialect speakers, Chinese students' attitude towards learning Mandarin in schools, the encroachment of English in the home environment, the spread and dominance of English in the local linguistic landscape, and the challenges of maintaining Mandarin as a language of use and preference. 

  • This exposition provides the state-of-the art on the differential geometry of hypersurfaces in real, complex, and quaternionic space forms. Special emphasis is placed on isoparametric and Dupin hypersurfaces in real space forms as well as Hopf hypersurfaces in complex space forms. The book is accessible to a reader who has completed a one-year graduate course in differential geometry. The text, including open problems and an extensive list of references, is an excellent resource for researchers in this area.Geometry of Hypersurfaces begins with the basic theory of submanifolds in real space forms. Topics include shape operators, principal curvatures and foliations, tubes and parallel hypersurfaces, curvature spheres and focal submanifolds. The focus then turns to the theory of isoparametric hypersurfaces in spheres. Important examples and classification results are given, including the construction of isoparametric hypersurfaces based on representations of Clifford algebras. An in-depth treatment of Dupin hypersurfaces follows with results that are proved in the context of Lie sphere geometry as well as those that are obtained using standard methods of submanifold theory. Next comes a thorough treatment of the theory of real hypersurfaces in complex space forms.  A central focus is a complete proof of the classification of Hopf hypersurfaces with constant principal curvatures due to Kimura and Berndt. The book concludes with the basic theory of real hypersurfaces in quaternionic space forms, including statements of the major classification results and directions for further research.

  • This book presents the basics and applications of photonic materials. It focuses on the utility of these devices for sensing, biosensing, and displays.
    The book includes fundamental aspects with a particular focus on the application of photonic materials.
    The field of photonic materials is both a burgeoning, and mature field. There are new advances being made on a daily basis, all based on the fundamental roots set by work by those like Ozin, Thomas, Asher, and others.

  • The goal of this book is to crystallize the emerging mobile computing technologies and trends into positive efforts to focus on the most promising solutions in services computing. Many toys built today are increasingly using these technologies together and it is important to understand the various research and practical issues. The book will provide clear proof that mobile technologies are playing an ever increasing important and critical role in supporting toy computing, which is a new research discipline in computer science. It is also expected that the book will further research new best practices and directions in toy computing. The goal of this book is to bring together academics and practitioners to describe the use and synergy between the above-mentioned technologies.

    This book is mainly intended for researchers and students working in computer science and engineering, and for toy industry technology providers, having particular interests in mobile services. The wide range of authors of this book will help the various communities understand both specific and common problems. This book facilities software developers and researchers to become more aware of this challenging research opportunity. As well, the book is soliciting shall provide valuable strategic outlook on the emerging toy industry.

  • The goal of this book is to crystallize the emerging mobile computing technologies and trends by focusing on the most promising solutions in services computing. The book will provide clear proof that mobile technologies are playing an increasingly important and critical role in supporting toy computing. The goal of this book is to bring together academics and practitioners to describe the use and synergy between the above-mentioned technologies. This book is intended for researchers and students working in computer science and engineering, as well as toy industry technology providers, having particular interests in mobile services.

  • ?This thesis represents the first double differential measurement of quasi-elastic anti-neutrino scattering in the few GeV range--a region of substantial theoretical and experimental interest as it is the kinematic region where studies of charge-parity (CP) violation in the neutrino sector most require precise understanding of the differences between anti-neutrino and neutrino scatter. This dissertation also presents total antineutrino-scintillator quasi-elastic cross sections as a function of energy, which is then compared to measurements from previous experiments. 
    Next-generation neutrino oscillation experiments, such as DUNE and Hyper-Kamiokande, hope to measure CP violation in the lepton sector. In order to do this, they must dramatically reduce their current levels of uncertainty, particularly those due to neutrino-nucleus interaction models. As CP violation is a measure of the difference between the oscillation properties of neutrinos and antineutrinos, data about how the less-studied antineutrinos interact is especially valuable.
    The measurement described herewith determines the nuclear and instrumental effects that must be understood to undertake precision neutrino physics. As well as being useful to help reduce oscillation experiments' uncertainty, this data can also be used to study the prevalence of various correlation and final-state interaction effects within the nucleus.
    In addition to being a substantial scientific advance, this thesis also serves as an outstanding introduction to the field of experimental neutrino physics for future students.

  • This book offers authoritative contributions by world experts actively working on different aspects of phototrophic prokaryotes. Providing up-to-date information in this rapidly advancing field, it covers the range of topics that are currently the focus of research with this group of organisms. As essentially single-celled organisms, phototrophic prokaryotes process many environmental signals and use this information to optimize their metabolism, growth rate, DNA replication and cell division.
    Phototrophic prokaryotes are collectively of great interest for a number of different fundamental and applied perspectives and have long served as models for understanding such basic fundamental biological processes as photosynthesis and respiration. On an ecological/environmental level they are extremely important, being the most abundant photosynthetic organisms on earth and responsible for the majority of the primary productivity in the oceans. They also hold great promise as biotechnological catalysts, being able to couple solar energy conversion through photosynthesis and carbon fixation to the production of biofuels, commodity chemicals and nutraceuticals.The book is recommended to advanced students and scientists dealing with life sciences, especially in genetics, microbiology and molecular biology.

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  • In this second edition of Disorders of Thrombosis and Hemostasis in Pregnancy - A Guide to Management the content has been thoroughly updated, with a particular focus on strengthening the management sections to ensure that advice on management represents state of the art.

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  • This is the first book to focus entirely on the role of pathology in cardiac transplantation, linked to the clinical perspective through clinical-pathological correlation, multidisciplinary team working, and collaborative research. It provides a scientific framework with up-to-date pathological protocols and classification schemes and guides the reader through the chronological phases of the transplant process in a step-by-step approach. Topics include end-stage heart failure with pathologies encountered in the native heart, current issues surrounding donor selection, the multiple faces of rejection pathology correlated with clinical management and immunology, other post-transplant complications, details of pediatric and combined heart/other organ transplantation, and a useful practical appendix. Many high-quality images and illustrative cases are presented, along with learning points and ample references.Transplantation medicine today is continuously changing as collaborative research into novel diagnostic techniques and immunosuppressive therapies translates into improved recipient management and survival. This book is aimed at practicing transplant pathologists and specialist trainees. It will also appeal to general pathologists and to physicians and surgeons involved in cardiac transplantation who need to understand the role of pathology in the clinical management of transplant recipients.

  • This book provides a diverse look at various aspects of preparing informal science educators. Much has been published about the importance of preparing formal classroom educators, but little has been written about the importance, need, and best practices for training professionals who teach in aquariums, camps, parks, museums, etc. The reader will find that as a collective the chapters of the book are well-related and paint a clear picture that there are varying ways to approach informal educator preparation, but all are important. The volume is divided into five topics: Defining Informal Science Education, Professional Development, Designing Programs, Zone of Reflexivity: The Space Between Formal and Informal Educators, and Public Communication. The authors have written chapters for practitioners, researchers and those who are interested in assessment and evaluation, formal and informal educator preparation, gender equity, place-based education, professional development, program design, reflective practice, and science communication. Readers will draw meaning and usefulness from the array of professional perspectives and be stimulated to begin a quest to scaffold programs and professional development around the frameworks described in this book.  

  • This open access book examines the question of collecting and disseminating data on ethnicity and race in order to describe characteristics of ethnic and racial groups, identify factors of social and economic integration and implement policies to redress discrimination. It offers a global perspective on the issue by looking at race and ethnicity in a wide variety of historical, country-specific contexts, including Asia, Latin America, Europe, Oceania and North America. In addition, the book also includes analysis on the indigenous populations of the Americas.The book first offers comparative accounts of ethnic statistics. It compares and empirically tests two perspectives for understanding national ethnic enumeration practices in a global context based on national census questionnaires and population registration forms for over 200 countries between 1990 to 2006.Next, the book explores enumeration and identity politics with chapters that cover the debate on ethnic and racial statistics in France, ethnic and linguistic categories in Québec, Brazilian ethnoracial classification and affirmative action policies and the Hispanic/Latino identity and the United States census.The third, and final, part of the book examines measurement issues and competing claims. It explores such issues as the complexity of measuring diversity using Malaysia as an example, social inequalities and indigenous populations in Mexico and the demographic explosion of aboriginal populations in Canada from 1986 to 2006.Overall, the book sheds light on four main questions: should ethnic groups be counted, how should they be counted, who is and who is not counted and what are the political and economic incentives for counting. It will be of interest to all students of race, ethnicity, identity, and immigration. In addition, researchers as well as policymakers will find useful discussions and insights for a better understanding of the complexity of categorization and related political and policy challenges.

  • Solvent systems are integral to drug development and pharmaceutical technology. This single topic encompasses numerous allied subjects running the gamut from recrystallization solvents to biorelevant media. The goal of this contribution to the AAPS Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Aspects series is to generate both a practical handbook as well as a reference allowing the reader to make effective decisions concerning the use of solvents and solvent systems. To this end, the monograph was created by inviting recognized experts from a number of fields to author relevant sections. Specifically, 15 chapters have been designed covering the theoretical background of solubility, the effect of ionic equilibria and pH on solubilization, the use of solvents to effect drug substance crystallization and polymorph selection, the use of solvent systems in high throughput screening and early discovery, solvent use in preformulation, the use of solvents in bio-relevant dissolution and permeation experiments, solvents and their use as toxicology vehicles, solubilizing media and excipients in oral and parenteral formulation development, specialized vehicles for protein formulation and solvent systems for topical and pulmonary drug administration. The chapters are organized such that useful decision trees are included together with the scientific underpinning for their application. In addition, trends in the use of solvent systems and a balance of current views make this monograph useful to both the novice and experienced researcher and to scientists at all developmental stages from early discovery to late pharmaceutical operations.

  • The Amateur Astronomer

    Patrick Moore

    • Springer
    • 31 Juillet 2006

    any popular books upon astronomy have been written during the Mpast few years, but most of them cater either for the casual dabbler who is content to learn from the depths of his armchair or else for the serious amateur who already knows the main facts.What I have done, or tried to do, is to strike a happy mean. This book has been aimed at the needs of the beginner who knows nothing whatsoever,but who is nevertheless anxious to make a start with what equipment he can collect at limited cost. All astronomers,professional or amateur,were beginners once,and all have had to draw upon the experience of those who have learned before them.I feel some dif?dence about offering myself as a guide,but at least I have one quali?cation: in my early days as an observer I made almost every mistake that it is possible to make! This explains the frequent occurrence of such phrases as "I once saw...."and "I rem- ber that when I...." I hope therefore that what I have written may prevent others from falling into the same ridiculous traps.

  • This book explores, describes and explains the predictors essential for the acceptance of social media as a digital platform to share professional knowledge in the field of automotive repair in Germany. It reports a rigorous literature review covering key elements of social media, knowledge management and technology acceptance studies. The book assumes a pragmatist approach and applies mixed methods in an exploratory sequential design, combining qualitative and quantitative methods to ensure robust collection and analysis of the collected data. Based on a survey on German automotive repair shops, the author provides a framework, for various stakeholders, to comprehend the motivations for knowledge sharing for automotive repair professionals in Germany. This book not only adds to the existing academic body of knowledge but also provides implications for industry and legislation on a European scale. 

  • Dendroecologists apply the principles and methods of tree-ring science to address ecological questions and resolve problems related to global environmental change. In this fast-growing field, tree rings are used to investigate forest development and succession, disturbance regimes, ecotone and treeline dynamics and forest decline. This book of global scope highlights state-of-the-science dendroecological contributions to paradigm-shifts in our understanding of ecophysiology, stand dynamics, disturbance interactions, forest decline and ecosystem resilience to global environmental change and is fundamental to better managing our forested ecosystems for the full range of ecosystem goods and services that they provide.

  • Piton de la Fournaise and Karthala are both shield volcanoes in the southwest Indian Ocean. This publication summarizes the work done on these very active basaltic volcanoes. Piton de la Fournaise has a long history of scientific research and monitoring, with many data collected during recent eruptions. It is certainly one of the most studied volcanoes in the world. The work presented in this monograph includes geological, geophysical, geochemical and petrological aspects, but also studies on physical geography, natural hazards and the sociological and behavioural approaches.'The Karthala volcano may be less well known, but it serves as an interesting comparison to Piton de la Fournaise. Although situated close to the volcanoes of Hawaii, it differs from them by its more alkaline magmas and less frequent activity. It was also monitored for more than 25 years, producing extraordinary eruptions in recent years.

  • In diesem Buch wird die Qualitätskontrolle von Impfstoffen dargestellt. Hierzu zählen neben der Durchführung von analytischen Prüfungen verschiedenste qualitätsrelevante Aufgaben, z.B. die Festlegung von Qualitätsanforderungen, die Analyse von unerwarteten Ergebnissen oder Stabilitätsuntersuchungen, die die Qualitätskontroll-Einheit erfüllen muss.  Die Abläufe sind hochreguliert und dienen der Patientensicherheit. Es gibt aber auch Beispiele, bei denen trotz erfolgreicher Qualitätskontrolle Qualitätsmängel mglich sind, die Schaden verursachen knnen.