Penny Jordan

  • Le fiancé de Noël

    Penny Jordan

    Tilly se résout à recourir à une agence d'escorte, sur les conseils de sa meilleure amie. Car pour assister au mariage de sa mère en Espagne, Tilly a impérativement besoin d'un cavalier, et elle ne sait à qui faire appel, elle qui se tient depuis toujours à l'écart des hommes. Mais, à sa grande surprise, l'homme qui se présente quelques jours plus tard n'est pas du tout tel qu'elle l'avait imaginé. Silas Stanway se montre froid et arrogant, et surtout, Tilly se sent profondément déstabilisée par le désir qui s'empare d'elle dès qu'elle croise son regard.

  • Chantage princier

    Penny Jordan

    Épouser Luc D'Urbino, prince de S'Antander ? Huit ans plus tôt, cette perspective aurait ravi Catherine. Folle amoureuse de lui, elle s'était alors jetée dans ses bras, pour le regretter amèrement ensuite. Car Luc l'avait rejetée, aussitôt après l'avoir mise dans son lit. Humiliée, elle n'avait eu d'autre choix que de fuir. Seulement voilà, l'homme qui l'a tant fait souffrir exige aujourd'hui qu'elle devienne sa femme et lui donne un héritier. Une folie à laquelle Catherine n'a pas le droit de se soustraire, hélas ! Sous peine de subir les foudres d'un prince qui, si elle lui résiste, n'hésitera pas à la détruire...

  • Se cacher à bord d'un jet privé en partance pour Bombay : c'est la seule solution qu'a trouvée Sophia pour échapper au mariage de convenance auquel son père, roi de Santina, veut la contraindre. Une solution désespérée, mais aussi risquée. Car s'il lui importe peu que son escapade provoque un scandale - pourvu qu'elle recouvre sa liberté -, Sophia appréhende en revanche la réaction du propriétaire du jet, Asch Achari, lorsqu'il découvrira qu'elle l'a impliqué dans cette affaire. Asch, le ténébreux prince de Nailpur qui lui a autrefois brisé le coeur alors qu'elle n'était encore qu'une adolescente, et dont l'attitude arrogante l'a toujours horripilée. Et voilà qu'aujourd'hui, Sophia n'a d'autre choix que de remettre son sort entre les mains de cet homme qu'elle déteste... 

  • Dire que, parmi tous les candidats, c'est elle qui a été choisie pour cette mission scientifique dans le désert ! Samantha est aux anges. Mais, une fois sur place, lorsqu'elle voit arriver le cheikh Vereham al-a'Karim, le puissant souverain du royaume qui doit diriger les travaux en personne, elle sent son coeur chavirer. Comment aurait-elle pu imaginer qu'elle allait retrouver ici l'envoûtant inconnu avec lequel elle a échangé un fiévreux baiser, quelques mois plus tôt ? Surtout, comment va-t-elle pouvoir travailler au côté d'un homme qui ne lui fait manifestement pas confiance... et éveille en elle un désir qu'elle n'aurait jamais pensé pouvoir éprouver ?

  • Laura applies for the position of personal secretary to Vasilii Demidov, a Russian businessman whose origin is also of the people of the desert. Laura has been yearning for him-this older brother of her friend-and even treasures a photo of him that she secretly took ten years ago. However, for some reason during the interview, he shows a strange animosity against Laura as he asks questions full of malevolence. Although she is furious and wishes to leave, out of his urgent need for a secretary who is fluent in Chinese he unexpectedly hires her. The next day, Laura departs for Monte Negro for a business trip alone with him!

  • "I have to do it to protect the children." Jodi´s passion was what got her selected to be principal of a school at her young age. The majority of the children´s parents are employed at a factory, which has now been bought over and is under threat of closure. The president of the acquiring company is a skilled and famous businessman, Leo Jefferson, whose ability paves the way in the fiercely competitive world of finance. with a decision firmly set in her heart, she knows the only way to get through to such a man is to negotiate directly with him-on that advice, Jodi decides to sneak into his luxury hotel room.

  • Louise comes back to her homeland of Sicily after ten years in order to bury the ashes of her departed grandparents. But to do this, she must gain permission from Caesar, the Duke of Falconari.... Upon meeting him, she instinctively wants to run from him. In the past, she spent a single, dreamlike night with him before being cruelly discarded. But however much he hurt her then, his air of maturity and dignity tears at her heart again. As she trembles, he turns his dark eyes to her, his gaze seeming to pierce through her as he says, "I know you've given birth to my son."

  • Perdue sur une petite route absolument déserte, Jodie est secourue par le plus bel homme qu'elle ait jamais vu... D'abord soulagée, elle comprend pourtant très vite que celui-ci ne s'est pas arrêté dans le seul but de lui porter assistance. Rapidement, il lui fait en effet une incroyable proposition : l'épouser pour divorcer un an plus tard, en échange d'une petite fortune. Bien qu'elle déteste l'idée de vivre dans le mensonge, Jodie hésite. Alors que son fiancé vient de l'abandonner pour une autre femme, ce mariage n'est-il pas le moyen de sauver son amour-propre, en faisant croire à tous qu'elle s'est, elle aussi, consolée ?

  • Sienna works in London as a freelance secretary. When Alexis comes into the staffing office, she falls in love with him at first sight. She's overjoyed to be working as his secretary...but Alexis chose Sienna for a reason. Unaware of the truth, Sienna grows more and more enamored with him...

  • When Falcon Leopardi suddenly appeared before Annie, she immediately knew why he was there. Years ago his half brother, Antonio, raped her and left her pregnant. Her son, Oliver, is her consolation in life, and Falcon must be here to take him away! Falcon claims it isn't so and offers to take both of them to Sicily to meet his family. Annie's heart insists she ought not to fall for such tricks-how can she know if she should trust this man?

  • Julia has a problem: her best friend Lucy's husband, Nick, keeps trying to sleep with her. She can't give him a piece of her mind because Lucy might end up hurt as a result. This time, he's pulled her into an empty room at a party. But just then, Silas interrupts them. Julia can't stand Silas, who is the son of an earl and chairman of an arts foundation. He has the temerity to ask Julia is she's interested in Nick! Following her angry denial, Silas makes a Julia a proposition: she should pretend to be in a relationship with Silas to rid herself of Nick's unwanted advances!

  • Fortenegro is a tiny island country in the Aegis Sea. Ionanthe's elder sister married the kingdom's Crown Prince Max, but continually cheated on him, and ultimately died in an accident with a lover. According to the kingdom's laws, Ionanthe must pay for her sister's sins by marrying Max and bearing him an heir. To think that she'd be forced into marriage in the twenty-first century! Still, she finds herself melting when the drop-dead gorgeous man gives her a steamy kiss during their marriage parade. But to Max, their marriage is merely his duty...

  • After doing a favor for her brother, Lily Wrightington meets a man who takes an instant dislike to her, due to his own misunderstandings. Even so, Prince Marco di Lucchesi can't help but be attracted to her. But once she finished helping her brother, Lily hoped she would no longer have to deal with Prince Marco, and she never thought she'd see him again so soon. Due to her work, Lily has to be shown around Italy by Prince Marco. All seems to go well but soon Lily's past comes back to haunt her. Again, Marco steps in to save the helpless woman. The more time he spends with her, the more he sees how much he misunderstood her. Marco has his own past to deal with, which is what made him so aloof. But after being with Lily, he starts to be able to let the past go. Will he be able to fully move on and accept his feelings for Lily?

  • Felicity's father, part of a Spanish dukedom, never recognized her as part of his regal family. But upon his death he leaves his home to her, so she sets off for Spain to investigate. But when she arrives in the crowded airport, who's there to meet her but the man who had succeeded him as Duque:, Vidal y Salvadores. His gaze is cold, and he's clearly still under the misconception that she's a loose woman due to a misunderstanding from seven years earlier. Her burgeoning love for him was destroyed back then, and the atmosphere between them is still tense. When he suddenly kisses her, she knows it's a mistake. Her traitorous heart, however, has other ideas. But will Vidal's eyes always be filled with such contempt for her?

  • Unlike most girls, Lucianna Stewart could never get used to being feminine. She'd always been a tomboy, and it didn't help that she loved to fix up old cars for a living. Luce is tired of everyone making fun of her lack of femininity, so she decides to put her all into becoming the kind of woman that could attract the attention of a man...namely her boyfriend. What she doesn't count on is family friend, Jake Carlisle, offering to lend a hand. Luce has held a grudge against the man since they were teens, but reluctantly accepts his help. Jake, on the other hand, secretly thinks Luce is perfect the way she is...but wants to see her happy. He helps her out with everything from body language to fancy clothes, and soon Luce starts to catch on. But soon he's worried he'll lose her to a man who'll only notice her looks...without appreciating who she truly is. And after spending all this time with Jake, Luce quickly finds herself more interested in impressing Jake than her boyfriend. Will Jake let Luce go in the belief that she'll never love him? Or will Luce sort out her mixed feelings for him?

  • Lucy's life isn't exactly a fairy tale. Pret a Party, the company she founded with her three friends, is verging on bankruptcy due to her ex-husband's embezzlement. But she refuses to discuss the matter with her gorgeous trustee, Marcus, because while she'd fallen for him the moment they met, he'd always treated her like a child. Her powerful feelings for him have caused her nothing but trouble, and even her marriage had been an act of rebellion against him. But one evening, after Marcus forcibly escorts Lucy home from a party, he suddenly kisses her! The kiss leads to a night of why does she awake the next morning to find him as cold and distant as ever?

  • Years after divorcing her unfaithful husband, Kate Vincent arrives at work assuming it will be just another day. To her dismay, she finds out thather boss is being replaced by her ex-husband, billionaire businessman, Sean Howard. Desperate to keep Sean as far away from herself and her precious little secret, Kate immediately submits her letter of resignation and rushes home. The life she's built instantly shatters around her when Sean shows up on her doorstep refusing to accept her letter of resignation and comes face-to-face with her secret.

  • Maggie Russell is considered the most brilliant young businesswoman in London. She's wealthy, lives in a posh flat, rubs elbows with the other elites of the business world and is completely content with the life she leads. When her grandfather dies, Maggie desperately searches for a way to make her grieving grandmother happy again. As luck would have it, the country house her grandparents lived in during their newlywed days is going up for auction and Maggie's determined to purchase it for her grandmother. Unfortunately, this city girl is no match for the countryside and its wild ways. Luckily for her, the mysterious farmer Finn Gordon is in a mood to save this damsel in distress. But when an unyielding rainstorm keeps her cooped up in the home of her rescuer, Maggie comes face-to-face with a desire as fierce and wild as the downpour outside.

  • Kelly, Anna, Beth et Dee : pour ces quatre amies, le chemin de l'amour est semé d'embûches et de trahisons
    Passion clandestine, Tome 1
    Fragile innocence, Tome 2
    La femme trahie, Tome 3
    Des retrouvailles passionnées, Tome 4

  • Relations between European Union nations can be tense, but that's nothing compared to the war that's been brewing between Professor Gareth Simmonds and Louise Crighton. When she was his student, she lost her virginity to the good professor. Years later, they've run into each other at EU negotiations, and it's impossible to tell if the sparks between them will enflame their war or rekindle their lost romance.

  • Katie's twin, Louise, married the love of her life, and Katie even helped make it happen. Now the pressure is on for her to find love. But she won't make it to the altar if she's run over in her home town. SebastianCooke might drive a bit fast in this small town, but he'll never be able to catch up with his daughter Charlotte. A chance encounter might lead to happiness for all three of them, but only if Katie can give up her crush on her sister's new husband...

  • David Crighton never expected to find love when he returned home to Brussels, Belgium. So when herbologist Honor Jessop, who has a difficult past of her own, offered David a live-in position at her greenhouse nursery, he readily accepted it. During a particularly severe thunderstorm, David comforts Honor and calms her from her fears. With little to no knowledge of each other's past, they come to accept the imperfection of humanity and each other, but will David be able to overcome his past mistakes and find a future with Honor?

  • In need of money, Gwynneth goes to the Kingdom of Zuran to sell the condominium her father left her before he passed away. But due to the constant real-estate frauds that occur in Zuran, she has trouble getting the papers to prove the condo is hers before selling it. To make matters worse, someone else has the key to her condo, and when he slips in one night, Gwynneth makes no effort to resist the mysterious stranger. Luckily, he restrains himself, but he isn't just any random man: it's Sheikh Tarik himself. They both seem to think the condo is theirs and are stuck with each other until the matter is resolved. But Tarik and Gwynneth can't help but be enticed by one another. Will they both be able to resist acting on their feelings?

  • L'héritier de Suleila, Meredith Webber L'arrivée du cheikh Jamal Sa'idi dans le petit village du bush australien où elle s'est réfugiée avec son neveu Jeremy, que sa soeur lui a confié, plonge Hannah dans l'angoisse. En effet, elle sait que Jamal vient lui reprendre l'enfant, dont il est le tuteur légal, afin de le préparer à ses futures fonctions de prince régnant du richissime royaume de Suleila... Le prince du désert, Penny Jordan   Après la nuit inoubliable qu'elle vient de partager avec le prince Tariq, Gwynneth n'a plus de doute. Aussi distant et mystérieux qu'il soit, le prince est l'homme de sa vie. Mais quand, au réveil, elle découvre dans son sac une liasse de billets de banque accompagnée d'un mot la remerciant de ses services, Gwynneth frémit sous l'insulte. Désormais, elle n'a qu'une chose à faire : quitter le royaume de Zuran au plus vite. Pourtant, un étrange sentiment la retient encore, la certitude bouleversante que son destin est ici, auprès de cet homme arrogant et fier qu'elle n'arrive pas à haïr...