• Que se passerait-il si un virus mortel hautement pathogène, et capable de faire basculer un continent entier dans une tragédie irrémédiable, venait à contaminer les passagers d'un bateau de croisière en Méditerranée ?
    Une équipe d'intervention spéciale pénètre chez Guillaume pour l'interroger sur les évènements récents qui ont eu lieu au laboratoire où il travaille. Mais il n'y a que sa petite amie chez lui qui les informe qu'il est parti en croisière se ressourcer. C'est une catastrophe : Guillaume est porteur d'un virus mortel.

  • Les autorités chargées de l'enquête remontent la piste sanglante du virus jusqu'à la firme menant des recherches épidémiologiques très officieuses. Ils découvrent rapidement comment Guillaume Roblès, le patient zéro, a embarqué sur le bateau de croisière. Il faut maintenant dépêcher des volontaires pour monter à bord et recouper les cahiers volés contenant les notes et les protocoles expérimentaux.

  • Golden hair and blue eyes. He is like a guardian angel who has slipped away from the sanctuary of a church. The moment orphanage director Chloe sees Egan, who has come to do repair work on the facility, her heart begins to stir. However, her lack of faith in love and hope, caused by her sad upbringing, keep her heart in check. With Christmas approaching, Egan offers to play Santa Claus for the children. When Chloe vehemently refuses his offer, he tells Chloe he will make all her wishes come true. He makes one miracle occur after another, but what about a miracle for her?

  • This book explores the luxury industry and how it has undoubtedly been one of the fastest-growing sectors since the 1970s, and one in which Europe has managed to strengthen its competitiveness in the world market. While many aspects of globalization remain abstract and intangible, the luxury industry has created markets where previously there were none, by educating Japanese about the history of French handbags, Chinese about the finest wines, and  setting global standards for an elite, inspirational lifestyle. In this edited volume, a wide range of scholars comes together to analyze the history of the business and the innovations in management and marketing that have emerged from it. Invaluable for scholars, industry figures, and dilettantes alike, it will define the field of study for years to come.  

  • The conference addresses general topics on how products and materials can be recycled and looks for application examples. The focus is on the areas:·         Material and Energy Flow Assessment
    ·         Sustainable Mobility
    ·         Industrial Ecology with a focus on renewable energy sources or WEEE
    ·         (Re-) Manufacturing
    ·         Cascade Use and Waste Management 4.0

  • Meta-Luxury


    Meta-Luxury sets out to define the ultimate meaning of true luxury, exploring it as both a culture and business model. Through the concept of Unique Achievement and the drivers of Craftsmanship, Focus, History and Rarity, the authors examine what is at the heart of true luxury through a unique series of conversations.