Roger Matloff

  • Solid guidance for managers and trustees to better position their nonprofits now and in the future   The Great Recession has left a paradigm shift for nonprofit leadership and their board members as fiduciaries. It has changed how boards make, evaluate and document investment decisions, the risks they are willing to take and the way these details are communicated to donors.  Nonprofit Investment and Development Solutions + Website will provide solid guidance for nonprofit leadership, staff and volunteers to better position their nonprofits to thrive now and in the future.    This guide will provide: Sophisticated investment and development principles that are easily understandable and adaptable Specific steps to take in order to avoid unnecessary investment risk and secure financial stability Solutions and techniques for capitalizing on opportunities created by funding shifts and evolving donor expectations Principles and practices of fiduciary responsibility, behavioral finance, socially responsible investing, strategic development planning and charity efficiency In addition, Nonprofit Investment and Development Solutions + Website offers a web site resource with a variety of online tools and templates to help readers implement key concepts discussed in this book.