Sean Redmond

  • Built from stories and memories shared by self-defined David Bowie fans, thisbook explores how Bowie existed as a figure of renewal and redemption,resonating in particular with those marginalized by culture and society. SeanRedmond and Toija Cinque draw on personal interviews, memorabilia, diaries,letters, communal gatherings and shared conversation to find out why Bowiemattered so much to the fans that idolized him. Contextualising the identification streams that have emerged around David Bowie, the book highlights his remarkable influence.

  • Companion to Celebrity presents a multi-disciplinary collection of original essays that explore myriad issues relating to the origins, evolution, and current trends in the field of celebrity studies.
    Offers a detailed, systematic, and clear presentation of all aspects of celebrity studies, with a structure that carefully build its enquiry Draws on the latest scholarly developments in celebrity analyses Presents new and provocative ways of exploring celebrity's meanings and textures Considers the revolutionary ways in which new social media have impacted on the production and consumption of celebrity