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  • In this time of economic, ecological and social crises, a diverse array of collective movements carry the possibilities of deep democratization and alternative futures. A World to Win brings these movements alive as agents of history-in-the-making. It situates Quebec student strikers, Indigenous resistance and resurgence, Occupy, workers, migrant, feminist and queer movements and many others in their struggle against the hegemonic institutions of capitalism. Using theory and case studies, this book articulates the particular histories and structures facing social movements while also building bridges to comprehensive analyses of our current era of crisis and change-in Canada and the world.

  • This unique textbook deals with the variations in the causes, presentations and treatment of neurological disease throughout human populations. International Neurology is an indispensable guide to the full range of neurological conditions you will see in your ever-changing patient population.
    Comprehensive coverage of neurological diseases and disorders with a clinical approach to diagnosis, treatment and management Truly international authorship distils expert knowledge from around the world Succinct, bite-sized, templated chapters allow for rapid clinical referral Further reading recommendations for each chapter guide readers requiring more depth of information Endorsed by the World Federation of Neurology

  • Thoroughly revised and updated and with a new Introduction by the authors, this paperback edition of Her Place at the Table draws on extensive interviews with women leaders to help all women negotiate their path to leadership success. A Woman's Guide to Taking Her Place at the Leadership Table "It's time for women to take their places at the leadership tables alongside men. Why? Because the skills we developed at the foot of the table-bringing people together, building bridges across differences, and thinking outside the box-are in great demand. But to use this time and these skills to the greatest advantage, read this book. The authors have set a great meal for you...just devour it."
    -Marie C. Wilson, president and founder, The White House Project "Does she have the right stuff? That question follows women whenever they are promoted to visible leadership positions. Her Place at the Table lays out the pragmatic moves that can help any woman in business show she has the right stuff. I encourage all women with leadership aspirations to use this book as a guide."
    -Patricia Fili-Krushel, executive vice president, Time Warner "Women roar-they are the leaders we need in corporations today, but there are still some barriers. This book will help individual women negotiate what they need to succeed as leaders and help their firms support them in their efforts. That way we all win!"
    -Tom Peters, management consultant and author, Reimagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age For more information about Her Place at the Table or a group discussion guide, visit http://www.herplaceatthetable.com. Completely Updated with a New Introduction by the Authors

  • A truly global textbook for neurological practice Neurological disease varies in its presentations and pathology throughout the world. In today's interconnected world, neurologists need to be aware that patients can come from anywhere in the world with presentations and pathologies that may not be typical of their local context. This unique textbook deals with the differences in etiology, genetics, age of onset and clinical presentations of neurological disease internationally. This is the first book to take a truly global approach to neurological illness. Consisting of 22 sections and 173 chapters with contributions from experts in many countries, it serves as an invaluable guide for physicians to expand their knowledge of different neurological disorders around the world. More importantly it is a definitive source of practical information to aid diagnosis and treatment.

  • Revised to reflect the most recent developments in food safety, the second edition of Food Safety for the 21st Century offers practitioners an authoritative text that contains the essentials of food safety management in the global supply chain. The authors - noted experts in the field - reveal how to design, implement and maintain a stellar food safety programme. The book contains industry best-practices that can help businesses to improve their systems and accelerate the application of world-class food safety systems. The authors outline the key food safety considerations for individuals, businesses and organisations involved in today's complex global food supply chains. The text contains the information needed to recognise food safety hazards, design safe products and processes and identify and manage effectively the necessary control mechanisms within the food business. The authors also include a detailed discussion of current issues and key challenges in the global food supply chain. This important guide: o Offers a thorough review of the various aspects of food safety and considers how to put in place an excellent food safety system
    o Contains the information on HACCP appropriate for all practitioners in the world-wide food supply chain
    o Assists new and existing business to meet their food safety goals and responsibilities
    o Includes illustrative examples of current thinking and challenges to food safety management and recommendations for making improvements to systems and practices Written for food safety managers, researchers and regulators worldwide, this revised guide offers a comprehensive text and an excellent reference for developing, implementing and maintaining world-class food safety programmes and shows how to protect and defend the food supply chain from threats.

  • In 1981, Leonard Pearlin and his colleagues published an article that would ra- cally shift the sociological study of mental health from an emphasis on psychiatric disorder to a focus on social structure and its consequences for stress and psyc- logical distress. Pearlin et al. (1981) proposed a deceptively simple conceptual model that has now influenced sociological inquiry for almost three decades. With his characteristic penchant for reconsidering and elaborating his own ideas, Pearlin has revisited the stress process model periodically over the years (Pearlin 1989, 1999; Pearlin et al. 2005; Pearlin and Skaff 1996). One of the consequences of this continued theoretical elaboration of the stress process has been the development of a sociological model of stress that embraces the complexity of social life. Another consequence is that the stress process has continued to stimulate a host of empirical investigations in the sociology of mental health. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to suggest that the stress process paradigm has been primarily responsible for the growth and sustenance of sociological research on stress and mental health. Pearlin et al. (1981) described the core elements of the stress process in a brief paragraph: The process of social stress can be seen as combining three major conceptual domains: the sources of stress, the mediators of stress, and the manifestations of stress. Each of these extended domains subsumes a variety of subparts that have been intensively studied in recent years.

  • Passion à Bornéo, Cathy Williams Persuadée que Nick Papaeliou, un don juan invétéré, veut séduire sa jeune soeur Lily, Rose oppose à celui-ci une hostilité sans concession. Mais quand il lui propose de l´accompagner à Bornéo pour y travailler avec lui à

  • Un hiver à Chance City, Susan CrosbyEntre Shana et Kincaid, il n'y a jamais rien eu d'autre que de l'animosité. C'est pourquoi elle hésite à accepter son offre de venir travailler - et surtout habiter - chez lui. Bien sûr, c'est une occasion inespérée pour elle et sa petite Emma, alors qu'elles se retrouvent sans logement. Mais ne risque-t-elle pas de s'exposer à un scandale si elle vit sous le même toit que Kincaid ?  Les promesses de l'hiver, Stacy Connelly  Depuis sa rencontre avec le richissime Clay Forrester, Holly vit un conte de fées. Et peu importe si elle ne se sent pas à sa place dans le milieu bourgeois de Clay, car celui-ci se montre toujours plus attentionné à son égard. Hélas, elle ne tarde pas à faire une terrible découverte : Clay ne l'a séduite que pour satisfaire ses intérêts professionnels...  Bouleversant aveu, Judy DuarteJillian ne cesse de repenser à la fabuleuse nuit qu'elle a passée avec Shane Hollister. Et à la peine qu'elle a ressentie le lendemain, en constatant qu'il avait disparu. Aussi est-elle bouleversée quand Shane se présente chez elle, un mois plus tard. Que veut-il ? Et, surtout, doit-elle lui annoncer qu'elle porte son enfant ?