• This work offers a summary of the book «BEST PRACTICES: Building Your Business With Customer-Focused Solutions» by Robert Hiebeler, Thomas Kelly & Charles Ketteman.

    Robert Hiebeler is the Managing Director of KnowledgeSpace, an Arthur Andersen project dedicated to the productive leverage of knowledge. Thomas Kelly is the Managing Partner of Arthur Andersen Knowledge Enterprises, a business focused on e-commerce and Internet based businesses. Charles Ketteman is the Managing Partner of Arthur Andersen's Business Consulting Practice.

    Arthur Andersen conducted a $30 million research project to identify specifically what world-class companies do better than anyone else. Six business processes were identified and labeled ''best practices'' because they represent the optimum way for companies to achieve extraordinary results.

    Taken together, these six business processes combine in a total commitment to and focus on the customer. Best-practice companies vigorously attempt to understand markets, form close associations with customers, design, market and deliver products that customers want. In the process, best-practice companies provide unequaled levels of service to their customers. When everything in the company is focused on learning and responding to what the customer wants, world-class performance can be achieved.

    Best Practices is the book you need if you wish to learn from the best companies.

  • This ebook offers a summary of "Bag The Elephant : How to win and keep big customers" by Steve Kaplan.

    As someone who has owned, managed and consulted for over 100 business, Steve Kaplan is more than adequately qualified to speak on the merits of acquiring and retaining big clients to grow your business. Working with fewer big customers has many advantages over working with many small wants, ranging from being more cost effective, being more focused, being able to build lasting relationships and reduce advertising spend. These 'elephants' of the business world are hard to acquire, and a successful contract is contingent on an effective game plan. This, Kaplan says, should contain the following four elements:

    Develop the right business mindset Have an appropriate sales strategy Leverage your big business clients and take full advantage of them Avoid the five killer mistakes which could mitigate your success The summary is logically divided into the above key points, ending with the five mistakes which should be avoided all costs p - From biting off too much, to keeping all your eggs in one basket.

    This is a very fast and useful read for any executive working in a highly competitive market. With a series of simple checklists and structured guidelines, this will help anyone who wishes to acquire and retain the best clients for their company.