• Active Directory Field Guide

    Beau Hunter

    • Apress
    • 3 Novembre 2006

    Active Directory Field Guide is ideal for Windows and Active Directory administrators and consultants. It contains valuable descriptions of higher-level skills, tasks, and tools, including migration, large-scale deployment, security, and disaster recovery, and provides bold, nontraditional solutions.Author Laura E. Hunter is a Microsoft "Most Valuable Professional," and this book is based on her real-world knowledge. It will help you save time and increase your network efficiency. Full of task-based, advanced solutions, it will also function as an indispensable reference guide.

  • T his book contains more than 200 recipes that address many of the "How do I . . .?" questions that you could pose about Windows networking. It is a straightforward reference for a variety of tasks, ranging from handling everyday chores to solving more specialized problems. Windows Server 2003 Networking Recipes will be a great addition to your technical library. Who Should Read This Book Windows Server 2003 Networking Recipes can be useful to anyone who needs to deploy, adm- ister, or automate Windows Server 2003 or even Windows 2000 networks. This book can serve as a great reference for those who work with Windows servers on a day-to-day basis. And because of all the scripting samples, this book can be extremely beneficial to programmers who want to accomplish various tasks in an application. For those without much programming background, the VBScript solutions are straightforward, and they should be easy to follow and use as a basis for more involved scripts. What's in This Book This book consists of nine chapters. Here is a brief overview of each chapter: Chapter 1, "Basic TCP/IP Configuration," covers the most widely used networking pro- cols in modern operating systems. This chapter provides recipes to configure and manage the protocols, including Domain Name Service (DNS), Windows Internet Name Service (WINS), and gateway settings. It also covers basic management of the Windows firewall and network interfaces.