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  • This book is about re-inventing Africa - it aims to induct a new cohort of dedicated professionals, guided not by material gains and power, but by personal commitment, in building a better society. It is about an education that develops responsible citizens inspired by the desire to serve their fellow men and women, people who can contribute their time and talents to make society a better place in which to live. Unless people are empowered by an education tailored to address their needs, they cannot be effective participants in bringing about constructive change. An education that prepares Africans to live confidently, as Africans, in today's globalized world is a prerequisite for developing an active and responsible citizenry. The book also examines some of the key critical areas on which African countries need to focus their attention: poverty eradication; combating corruption; peace, security and development; democracy and constitutionalism; good governance; social justice; globalization and empowerment. It criticizes extremes, creates a healthy synthesis of African and Western thought about education - particularly education for citizenship and for social transformation - an education which concerns itself with human dignity, social equality and respect, rather than fear, for authority.