• This book assesses the life and success of the writer Paulo Coelho, one of the most fascinating and contemporary writers in the world, through new lenses. It applies a positive psychology perspective and contributes to using innovative theories in psychobiographical studies. This study explores the development of holistic wellness (HWM) and faith development (FDT) throughout the writer's life. It presents radical changes in spirituality, self-direction, love and faith across the life span. Further, it analyses the development of Coelho's relationship with God and the creation of meaningfulness through his belief and writing. This study contributes to a new era of psychobiographical works within the positive psychology framework. 

  • This brief explores wildlife crime and its international and culture-specific combat in South Africa from a green psychology perspective, focusing on a specific method of forensic trace recovery by analysing and evaluating the use of gelatine lifters.

    It provides theoretical and applied insight into visualising and sequential processing of finger-, shoe- and footprints, and environmental traces. It allows the reader in-depth insight into effective methods of international wildlife crime combat, based on the South African perspective. This brief gives theoretical and applied recommendations for international, regional and local actors for successful cooperation on wildlife protection.

    As global and local programs, actions and law enforcement strategies to combat wildlife crime are gaining strength, forensic trace evidence is a useful method for investigative and preventive success. This brief will be useful for students and researchers in forensic science, wildlife crime, green criminology, as well as for law enforcement and international actors combating wildlife crime practically on both international and local levels.

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    This volume offers insights into contemporary trends and perspectives in psychobiographical research. It applys new theoretical and methodological frameworks and presents discourses on psychobiography from transdisciplinary backgrounds and various socio-cultural contexts, displaying the new state-of-the-art, new trends and themes in psychobiography. The book outlines psychobiography's outstanding contribution to psychology from 36 internationally reputable authors. It also presents the ideas of five outstanding psychobiographers through interview excerpts. This book is a must for  researchers, lecturers and practitioners in the field of psychology and social sciences interested in the use of new psychological theories and methodologies in life-span research.

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    This book provides new ideas on how to work with and constructively transform shame on a theoretical and practical level, and in various socio-cultural contexts and professions. It provides practical guidelines on dealing with shame on the basis of reflection, counselling models, exercises, simulations, specific psychotherapeutic approaches, and auto-didactical learning material, so as to transform shame from a negatively experienced emotion into a mental health resource. The book challenges theorists to adopt an interdisciplinary stance and to think "outside the box." Further, it provides practitioners, such as coaches, counsellors, therapists, trainers and medical personnel, with practical tools for transforming negative experiences and emotions. In brief, the book shows practitioners how to unlock the growth potential of individuals, teams, and organisations, allowing them to develop constructively and positively.

  • This volume combines empirical research-based and theoretical perspectives on shame in cultural contexts and from socio-culturally different perspectives, providing new insights and a more comprehensive cultural base for contemporary research and practice in the context of shame. It examines shame from a positive psychology perspective, from the angle of defining the concept as a psychological and cultural construct, and with regard to practical perspectives on shame across cultures.  The volume provides sound foundations for researchers and practitioners to develop new models, therapies and counseling practices to redefine and re-frame shame in a way that leads to strength, resilience and empowerment of the individual.

  • - 6%

    This book provides deep insights into intercultural collaboration among business partners, employees, managers, and entrepreneurs in Chinese-African professional interactions. It presents cultural and theoretical knowledge on Chinese and African management, leadership, and philosophy. Chinese and African scholars and professionals share their insights into how to address intercultural management challenges proactively and successfully. The cases provide insights into a wide variety of industries and offer actual scenarios studied in governmental, parastatal, and private Chinese-owned organizations in twelve African countries. This book will benefit a broad readership including scholars in employment relations and business management as well as African and Chinese collaborators in academia, government, NGOs and industry.

  • - 10%

    This volume provides comprehensible, strength-based perspectives on contemporary research and practice related to navigating mistakes, errors and failures across cultures. It addresses these concepts across cultural contexts and explores any or all of these three concepts from a positive psychology or positive organisational perspective, highlighting their potential as resources. The volume further discusses the consequences of errors and failures at individual, organisational and societal levels, ranging from severe personal problems to organisational and collective crises, perspectives how those can be turned into opportunities for contingent and sustainable improvement processes. The book shows that there are significant cultural differences in the understanding, interpretation and handling of errors and failures. 
    This volume provides practical guidance for transcultural understanding of mistakes, errors and failure through new models, ideas for self-reflection, therapeutic and counselling interventions and organisational change management processes. 
    This book is a must for researchers and practitioners working on mistakes, errors and failures across cultures and disciplines!

  • Das Buch beschäftigt sich mit den Themen der Mediation und Konfliktlsung in kubanischen Kontexten und geht den Fragen nach, ob und wie Mediation auf Kuba praktiziert wird. Durch Einblicke in die praktische Anwendung des Mediationsverfahrens zeigen die Autorinnen, inwieweit das theoretische Konzept in die kubanische Lebensrealität eingebettet ist. Hierbei entstehen kulturspezifische Einsichten in die Durchführung von Mediation. Der Band bietet einen wichtigen Beitrag zur kulturspezifischen Exploration der Konfliktlsung über Dritte.

  • Migration und Zuwanderung von Menschen nach Europa erfordern neue Ansätze in interkultureller Mediation und Konfliktbearbeitung. In diesem Sammelband kommen 13 Autor_innen zu Wort, die innovative und kreative Konzepte zur Mediation und Konfliktbearbeitung vorstellen und diskutieren. Dabei stehen neue theoretische, methodologische und praktische Zugänge zur Mediation im Vordergrund der Diskurse. Diese Diskurse tragen dazu bei, Mediation interdisziplinär und interkulturell neu zu beleuchten und anzuwenden.

  • Aufstellungsarbeit birgt großes Potenzial für die Konfliktklärung und nimmt eine immer bedeutender werdende Rolle in der Mediation ein. Die Autorinnen gehen der Frage nach, wie Aufstellungsarbeit das Methodenwerkzeug der Mediation unterstützen und ergänzen kann. Für eine praktikable Umsetzung des Einsatzes fehlten bislang eine Bündelung von Ausübungsformen und ihre theoretischen Verankerungen. Anhand von Anwendungsbeispielen zeigt dieses Buch in vergleichender Perspektive die Bandbreite von Einsatzmglichkeiten und stellt eine Verbindung zu den theoretischen Grundlagen her. Dabei nimmt sich die Forschung den Gründen, Herausforderungen und Grenzen der Kombination von Aufstellungsarbeit und Mediation an.