• L'objet de ce travail, annonce François Ewald, est de « saisir l'apparition de l'État providence » à travers la problématisation de l'accident, telle qu'elle a été énoncée au cours de ces deux derniers siècles, à travers aussi la prolifération des institutions d'assurances et la naissance de la Sécurité sociale. L'Histoire de l'État providence montre comment, dès le XIXe siècle, s'est peu à peu instituée une nouvelle rationalité juridique et politique, ayant débouché sur le système complexe de la protection sociale.

  • A great resource for beginner students and professionals alike  Introduction to Energy, Renewable Energy and Electrical Engineering: Essentials for Engineering Science (STEM) Professionals and Students brings together the fundamentals of Carnot's laws of thermodynamics, Coulomb's law, electric circuit theory, and semiconductor technology. The book is the perfect introduction to energy-related fields for undergraduates and non-electrical engineering students and professionals with knowledge of Calculus III. Its unique combination of foundational concepts and advanced applications delivered with focused examples serves to leave the reader with a practical and comprehensive overview of the subject.  The book includes:  A combination of analytical and software solutions in order to relate aspects of electric circuits at an accessible level  A thorough description of compensation of flux weakening (CFW) applied to inverter-fed, variable-speed drives not seen anywhere else in the literature  Numerous application examples of solutions using PSPICE, Mathematica, and finite difference/finite element solutions such as detailed magnetic flux distributions   Manufacturing of electric energy in power systems with integrated renewable energy sources where three-phase inverter supply energy to interconnected, smart power systems  Connecting the energy-related technology and application discussions with urgent issues of energy conservation and renewable energy-such as photovoltaics and ground-water heat pump resulting in a zero-emissions dwelling-Introduction to Energy, Renewable Energy, and Electrical Engineering crafts a truly modern and relevant approach to its subject matter.