• N. de Nicolay accompagna une des ambassades envoyées à la Sublime Porte par la France au 16e siècle. Dans un ouvrage publié à son retour, il décrit les hommes et leurs coutumes, les villes et les places fortes.

  • This book describes the history of tobacco genomics, from its "discovery" by Europeans to next-generation omics approaches in plant science. The authors primarily focus on the allotetraploid common tobacco plant (N. tabacum); however, separate chapters are dedicated to closely related Nicotiana species, such as N. benthamiana and N. attenuata, for which substantial progress in omics data analysis has been already achieved. While genetic maps, transcriptomes, and physical maps of BAC libraries have significantly enhanced our understanding of the tobacco plant, the genome of tobacco and related Nicotiana species has opened a new era in modern tobacco research. This book addresses current and future industrial and research applications as well as central challenges in tobacco science, including diseases, low variability of cultivars, the genome's large size, polyploidy, and gene duplication.