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  • This work offers a summary of the book «JIM CRAMER'S REAL MONEY: Sane Investing in an Insane World» by James Cramer.
    James Cramer is an acknowledged expert in investment. He hosts the US nationally syndicated radio program, Real Money, a columnist for New York magazine and a market commentator for CNBC. Previously, he was an extremely successful hedge fund manager. In Jim Cramer's Real Money, he takes the reader through his investment philosophy.

    Cramer warns readers to beware of people giving universal rules, because they aren't any: instead, realize that your strategies will be personal to you and dependent on your (changing) goals. The rules of trading and the rules of investment are different, but most people fail to make the distinction. He takes the reader through the best strategies for both approaches. For example, he recommends that when you buy for trade, sell once your scenario has played out, whether you are in profit or loss; but if you buy for investment, you will hold on for longer. Cramer explains how to research, how to limit your losses and how not to fall into fashion trading traps. He suggests diversification and flexibility, and gives warning signs every investor should look for.

    Jim Cramer's Real Money is a blueprint that everyone can follow, and a guidebook that every savvy investor should read, digest and keep.